Want to be a family who is immersed in living the abundant life Jesus came to give you?

At Pursue Abundant Life you’ll discover a 3-fold framework for experiencing the family life you desire.

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Together let's experience the Abundant LIFE!

Intimate Family Culture

Creating a safe environment to experience good and hard times which are both part of "all things" in Romans 8:28. 

5 Day Family Faith Talk Parenting Challenge

Embracing Identity in Christ

Together learning and experiencing who God is and who He says we are, along with all the amazing riches we have inherited as children of the One True King.

Family Faith Talks ($3.00 each in the store)

Gaining God's Perspective

Learning to cooperate with God anytime our emotions act like the warning light on a dashboard. Time to get God's perspective!

Families Experiencing the Abundant LIFE! (coming soon)

At Pursue Abundant Life, our mission is to help parents who desire to grow together as a family in their experience of trusting Jesus as their life.



  • By establishing an intimate family culture of love, acceptance, and vulnerablity. 

  • By immersing the children in learning and experiencing their true identity in Christ.

  • By cooperating with God to gain his perspective in all situations through incorporating the principles, purpose, and process of  Transformation Prayer Ministry into the family culture.

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