Countless life experiences, choices, and beliefs make up my journey.  Every step has cultivated in me a deep desire to help other believers experience the abundant life and freedom that Christ came to give us.

Bottom line—my desire is to provide for Christian parents what I desperately needed during those child rearing years. 


I was raised in a traditional mainstream church and became a Christian at age 16. However, I had no clue at that time what really happened to me the moment I said yes to Jesus. After college, I realized a life-long dream to be a teacher, followed by getting married and having two sons.  

Fast forward into my 30’s when my world was rocked by what I was learning about the incredible truths of who I already was in Christ. Wow! What a game-changer! I was like a sponge and gained lots of head knowledge. Over time many of the truths, such as I’m a holy, righteous, and complete new creation, already seated in the heavenlies, FELT true in my heart.   


All of that was mind-blowing and life-changing, yet I still found myself feeling afraid, insecure, and not enough at times. I didn’t understand why I was struggling so hard to believe in my heart what I was even teaching each week as a Children’s Ministry Director. The affirmations of who I was in Christ were helpful in the moment, but I now realize that I had yet to be persuaded by the Holy Spirit in my heart so that my mind was renewed permanently. Just like it says in James 1:8, I was double-minded; holding two opposing beliefs at the same time. 


Twelve years ago, I was introduced to a tool known today as Transformation Prayer Ministry. (Click here to watch "TPM Explained"). Finally, I had an effective and efficient way to get my heart beliefs aligned with my intellectual beliefs that resulted in even more freedom in Christ. That part of my journey began the day I decided to cooperate with God to uncover any heart beliefs that were incongruent with God's Word. (To read the rest of that story, click here.) 


In addition to being a coach at Pursue Abundant Life, I am the Program Director at Serenity Retreat, a non-profit ministry where TPM is the tool used to help others have encounters with Christ that leads to transformation. My favorite part of that job is getting to mentor others in how to cooperate with God as a lifestyle to realize more mind-renewal, faith refinement, and transformation.  

I live in the Houston area and enjoy spending time with my two grown sons and friends, watching a little HGTV and movies, taking walks, and reading.   


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